CASEABLE specializes in Customized Cases and Sleeves for Your Electronics.
Caseable produces hand-crafted decorative sleeves: Laptop sleeves & MacBook Air sleeves, and unique cases such as iPad cases, iPad 2 cases, Kindle Touch cases and a Kindle Keyboard case. All of our cases are crafted from recycled materials. With our “easy to use” Customization Tool it is very simple to create new designs, either for your iPad 3 Case or your MacBook Pro Sleeve. Plus, you can also choose from one of the great designs in our gallery for your Case or Sleeve.
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Love your e-Reader and Kindle? Create a Kindle 4 case or Kindle Fire case for it now! You need to protect your endless library. Are you an art lover? Take a look at their artist section, where caseable offers the work of selected artists. Simply choose your favorite artist design to put on your case or sleeve and it’ll become a unique piece of art.

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Discounts are available on some products.

Caseable offers fully customizable sleeves for Laptops & MacBooks, cases for iPads, iPhones, tablets, Kindles, e-Readers and journals, to their customers. Due to the great usability of Caseable’s online designer it is very simple to create your personal protection solution. Through Caseable’s great gallery, customers can get inspiration for their unique design.

Caseable combines high quality protection with fashionable design. Every case is made of recycled material and is hand-crafted in Brooklyn, N.Y.


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