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How to Compare Verizon Droid and iPhone 3G

01321995734_39980953.jpgToday Verizon released its latest smartphone, the Droid which is made by Motorola and powered by Google operating system. If you are thinking about buying the iPhone or the Verizon Droid, here are some of the comparable features.

PROCESSOR and RAM CAPACITY. In terms of processor speed, both smartphones use powerful 600MHz processor so there should not be a big factor when choosing which one is better. Both phones also have 256MB of RAM.STORAGE CAPACITY. Verizon offered the 16GB Droid for the same price as the 16GB iPhone. Both phones are expandable to 32GB (microSD for Droid and Flash drive for iPhone).DISPLAY. The Verizon Droid has a slight advantage because its display size is 3.7″ 854×480 while the iPhone has 3.5″ 480×320. This translates to the Droid displaying more of the webpage than the iPhone when surfing the internet but will appear a bit smaller.WEIGHT & DIMENSION. Verizon Droid is an ounce heavier with 5.96oz than iPhone with 4.8oz. Verizon Droid is just a little bit thicker with 4.56×2.36×0.54 inches than iPhone with 4.5×2.4×0.48 inches.KEYBOARD. iPhone has virtual QWERTY keyboard while Verizon Droid had both virtual QWERTY and slide-out keyboard. So it depends on your preference which one you find more convenient.CAMERA. Verizon Droid has 5megapixel auto-focus camera while iPhone has 3megapixel auto-focus. In this feature, Verizon Droid had an edge over the iPhone since it has more capability like night mode.OPERATING SYSTEM. iPhone has 3 years research and 3 years ahead in the market which makes iPhone OS more robust with less bugs. Verizon Droid however has a lot of catching up to do to get to where iPhone OS is today.The Verizon Droid sells at $299 with $100 mail-in rebate so it makes it even with iPhone which also sells at $199.